Kulfi Recipe with thick milk – This one races to make minute kulfi equation where no cooking is required. Basically mix the fixings that will take only 10 minutes. Fill structures and let the cooler do its duty.



mango-kulfi-recipe-1-500x375The standard procedure for making it requires some time and thought. In that you need to diminish the milk bit by bit on stove top and a while later khoya just as cream is incorporated for some more riches. I have quite recently shared that locally built malai kulfi recipe.

Nevertheless, the present equation is no cook kulfi variation. So how might we get the rich surface with snack/chomp of milk solids here?

This kulfi is made with improved thick channel and overpowering cream. These two adds smooth and rich taste to right now kulfi.

You understand that when it is made by warming up the milk, it has those milk solids specs (fat). Likewise, once get hardened and when you eat, you will have those snack or nibble of malai/fat. To resemble that surface, I have included new bread scraps. In addition, the last item was essentially PERFECT.

It has everything that you are looking from a perfect kulfi recipe – ideal proportion of sweetness, sumptuousness and flavor.

Regardless of the way this is Instant, no cook kulfi equation with merged milk, there are NO ice jewels present. Directly this is another incredible notwithstanding point.

So what are you keeping things under control for? Endeavor this kulfi equation at home for this mid year and appreciate. Make this for your loved ones or guests. They may accept that you have done extraordinary undertakings. However, just we both know the secret that it took you just couple of minutes.


Take two bread cuts, cut the edges using cut or scissor. Discard the edges.

Break the cuts into pieces and take into the processor.

Run the blender to get new breadcrumbs. Keep it aside.

In a little bowl, separate the saffron in a tablespoon of warm milk.

In an enormous bowl, take milk.

Incorporate overpowering whipping cream

By then incorporate solidified milk.

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Speed till everything is intertwined well

By and by incorporate saffron milk.

By then incorporate rose water

Incorporate cardamom seeds powder.

At last incorporate bread scraps and severed nuts.

Mix everything splendidly.

Fill the molds. (I have moved the mix into a huge cup so it will be anything besides hard to fill the molds without making mess.)

Spread the molds and stop for 6-8 hours or till hardened and set. At the point when it is set or set, the opportunity has arrived to serve. To oust it from the shape, dive it into warm water for 1-2 seconds specifically, it will end up successfully. Of course, rub it between your palms. From the glow of the palm, side will get free and will divert out from the structure.



images (12)2 cuts Bread (preferably white bread)

4-5 strands saffron (squashed)

1 ½ cups Milk

¾ cup Heavy whipping cream

7 oz or 200 grams or ½ cup + 2 tablespoons or ½ can Sweetened thick milk

¼ teaspoon Green cardamom seeds powder

1 tablespoons Rose water

5-6 Almonds hacked finely

5-6 Pistachios hacked finely


download (6)Making kulfi recipe:

Cut and discard the edges of the bread and smash the bread into blender to get the fresh bread pieces.

In a little bowl, separate the squashed saffron with a tablespoon of warm milk.

In an enormous bowl mix everything (milk, cream, thick milk, saffron milk, cardamom seeds powder, rose water, bread pieces and nuts).

Mix everything incredible and fill molds.

Stop for 6-8 hours or till set and cemented.

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